To all in our community.

March 24, 2020
As you may have heard, the Government of Ontario has requested the shut down of all non-essential businesses in order to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Still Open & Shipping Daily

Because Kroeger Inc. is a wholesale supplier of products to retailers designated as essential, and a deeply integrated ONLINE commerce distributor, we are allowed to stay open.

For the utmost safety of our staff, and our customers, we have reduced our staff levels to ensure proper distancing and eliminate any potential exposure while at work. We have taken a further step to electrostatically fumigate both our warehouses to remove any potential of Covid-19 virus on surfaces in our work environment.

We want to maintain the ultimate safety and limit any exposure to our staff. By implementing all these protective measures, we are doing all we can to do so. However, with this reduction in staff, and increased safety measures, we expect our order processing to be delayed, and we ask for your patience during these challenging times.

Our inventory levels are ample, but with the disruption to the supply chain of most of our vendors, we cannot guarantee that we will not have shortages in the short term.

We truly appreciate your partnership with Kroeger and ask for your support in these trying times.

The Kroeger Team